Dr. Gretchen Green

Gretchen was born in Phoenix. Her father was the first Neurosurgeon in the entire southwest. He arrived in Arizona in 1948 after serving in the Phillipines in WWII. He was one of the co-founders of Barrows Neurological Institute and it's director for over 35 years. Dr. Green grew up going "on rounds" with her father most every evenings and Sundays. He encouraged Dr. Green to get involved with horses while she was young. This was the start of having horses be a part of her life ever since. Dr. Green mentioned going to vet school at about the age of 12 and her father encouraged her every step of the way.

After a long debilitating illness, Dr. Green was finally able to graduate from Washington State Veterinary College with help from family and awesome friends in 2007.

"I remember my father often would waive his personal surgical fees so people were able to get the treatment they needed. I try my best to give my clients and patients the best quality care possible at affordable prices. That is a big concern and is why I believe practicing at Pet Doctor is a "good fit" for me. I absolutely love every day that I have the opportunity to help my patients and their family. " said Dr. Green

Dr. Green lives with her 12 year old feral kitty, brought home from vet school. She shares a beautiful Palomino Paint mare with her best friend, they adopted the mare from vet school after the horse had been relinquished.