We've written before on the importance of immunization. Vaccinating your pet is the difference between having a sick pet and a healthy pet, especially when we talk about the Parvo virus.

Parvo is a deadly but all too common disease. The virus can effect unvaccinated puppies and dogs of all breeds and age. There is a treatment for the disease if your pet becomes infected but it is costly. The safest and least expensive way to fight the Parvo virus is to vaccinate your pet against this disease before it is too late.

The Parvo virus is often referred to as the doggy flu, but it is much more serious than that. Essentially what is happening is the virus is attacking the lining in your dog’s intestine, eventually leading to sepsis (toxic shock) and then death. Parvo is a horrible disease that leaves a pet lethargic and vomiting. A high temperature and diarrhea are also common symptoms. This disease is a killer for those not vaccinated, the pain the pet is in is excruciating until a treatment takes effect. The one good thing is that if treatment is implemented in time, your pet has a great chance of surviving. In the same vein, there is a common myth that once a pet is infected with Parvo and sheds the disease, they are now immune to the disease. This is false, though it is unlikely they will contract the virus again, they still need to be vaccinated.

If your pet does test positive for Parvo and must undergo treatment, our veterinarians will provide you with the medicine and materials necessary for home care. It is clinic policy that we will not keep Parvo positive dogs in the clinic. The disease is so infectious that we must protect our clinic and the pets that come through as best we can. In our experience, dogs sent home with the proper meds have a better chance of survival anyways. Much like with humans, a little tender care and the proper medication can do more than laying, sick and alone, in an unfamiliar place. These two reasons for keeping Parvo positive dogs in the clinic for as little time as necessary, has kept our clinic free from a Parvo outbreak. Another protocol that helps is the conservative boostering series we have dogs go under before we will keep them for surgery. Nevertheless, in the midst of a terribly active Parvo season we have seen numerous cases come into the clinic. Once a dog has tested positive for Parvo and remains untreated, there is a 85%-90% chance that your pet will succumb to the disease.

The best way to protect your pet from this fate is to vaccinate. At Pet Doctor, our vaccines are just $12.00 per shot. Also, there is no office call for vaccine visits. So when you come in for vaccines that is all you are charged for. Heads up that our wonderful veterinarians will give the pet a superficial health exam, but if you have specific worries then your vaccine visit becomes a health and wellness visit. At Pet Doctor, our veterinarians want you to know how best to keep your pet healthy and safe. Vaccines are the easiest way to make sure your pet is protected, and luckily, they are also the least expensive. So don’t wait, vaccinate!