The holidays can be a stressful time of the year, with keeping track of all the events in our lives. Having pets can potentially add to that stress. Here are a few things we've picked up along the way that can help keep your holidays from becoming holidon'ts!

  • Pet's don't always make for the best Christmas gifts. Make sure the recipient wants and can take care of a pet.
  • Holiday treats may be abundant in your household, make sure things like chocolate and other sweets are out of reach from your pet.
  • Pet gift ideas are a fun way to include your furry family members. Check out Chewy or Bark Box for fun gifts mailed right to your door. They'll love you for it!!
  • You should probably leave fido at home for those Christmas Holiday Parties. Unless the hosts specify otherwise.
  • If you are traveling and want to leave your pet at a doggy hotel, you may want to get reservations placed now. Holiday seasons are usually very busy for these businesses!
  • Also, maybe think about if a Pet Sitter instead of a kennel would be best for your pet if they don't do well in kennel environments.
  • Tis' the season for decorations, so keep an eye out for your pet's interest in holiday lights and decorations. Many of the things we bring out each season are potentially dangerous!