Halloween is a great time to have some spooky adventures with your pet! Whether you’ll be trick-or-treating, or if you will be home handing out candy from home, there are tons of ways to enjoy the season. However, there are also many risks involved during Halloween because of the increased activity and running around by neighbors and friends. If you want to help get your pet in the Halloween spirit, it’s important that you take the proper precautions to help them have a safe holiday. Your Pima County Vet wants you to know these tips so that your pet can safely enjoy some Halloween fun!

Keep your dog’s collar on them at all times

You should make sure your puppy has proper identification on their collar and / or a microchip in case of an emergency. There is always a chance that your pet may runoff while walking the neighborhood or when you are handing out candy to trick-or-treaters. Halloween is full of opportunities for dogs to get spooked and bolt out the door, or even chase after other dogs on the trick-or-treat trail. Keep a collar and leash on them if you are letting them participate in the Halloween fun, and try and keep them near you at all times. If your puppy will be home during trick-or-treating, have them wear their collar just on the off chance that they may run off.

Be mindful with Halloween decorations

Keep pumpkins, gourds, and any other decorative items away from your pet. Raw pumpkins are not poisonous for your pet, though they can be difficult to digest. Anything that sits on the ground or at eye-level for your pet is fair game, so try not to decorate with anything that may be easy to chew or digest. Keep wires and candles out of reach to avoid any possible damage to both your pet and your home.

Keep candy out of reach

Candy is extremely toxic for pets, so it is very important that you keep it out of their reach. Don’t leave bags of candy on tables or chairs, instead choose a pantry or closet. Chocolate can be lethal if ingested by your pet, with the darker chocolate being more dangerous. Other types of candy that contain artificial sweeteners can cause liver failure in some animals. The level of danger varies across breed type and weight of your pet, so it is best to keep them away from the sweets altogether. If you want to treat your pet this Halloween, your Pima County Veterinarian recommends getting them pet-safe treats or you can stuff a toy with food to keep them happy and occupied. You could also give them canned pumpkin as an excellent source of fiber. However, you should avoid canned pumpkin pie filling due to it’s high sugar component.

Try their costume on them beforehand

One of the best parts of Halloween is the dressing up! Get your pet a fun and comfortable costume this Halloween! Your Pima County Vet recommends trying their costume on before any festivities just to make sure it fits them correctly. Costumes vary depending on the height, weight, and breed of your pet, so be sure to pick the right one for them. You also want to make sure there are no hanging parts or tags that may irritate them. Some pets get stressed out when wearing costumes, so it may be best to skip the costume altogether. Doing a trial-run of their outfit can give you a sense of how they feel about being dressed up.

Consider leaving them at home

At Halloween time, it may be best to leave your pup at home. Even the bravest of dogs can get spooked while trick-or-treating, or they could get overexcited with all the fun. Leaving them home while you trick-or-treat may be the right option. If your puppy will be home during trick-or-treating hours, consider putting up a gate or crating them while kids are coming up to the door. Some children are afraid of dogs and may get scared when they come up for candy. Keeping your dog in a secure and calm area will help keep both your dog and trick-or-treaters safe this Halloween.