While most of the country is suffering from the winter blues, we are enjoying the mild weather and warm sunshine of the desert southwest. This is a perfect time of year to get out with your pet and explore some of the wonderful hiking paths and activities around the city. Getting outside with your pup not only keeps them healthy but also helps form a bond between the two of you. Does your dog need to burn off some of that extra energy he built up while you were at work? Take him on a walk down the block and back! Even if you take them out for just a few minutes they will thank you for it. If you are interested in getting out even more check out some of the hikes and happenings we love around the city!

First is Pima Air and Space Museum, this surprising pick is very dog friendly and a great way to get Fido out of the house for a walk. They have over three hundred aircraft that sit on 80 acres of museum grounds which the public is encouraged to walk with their pets. Note that dogs are not allowed on the Aerospace Maintenance And Regeneration Group tram ride, they can stay with staff if you decide to go enjoy that tour.

Second is the Rillito River walk which is free and open to the public. This trail system intersects Tucson and is in constant sight of the roaring Rillito, jk, the Rillito is only roaring after a rare flash flood, which we wouldn’t suggest getting close enough to see with your pet! Most of the time the Rillito offers sanctuary for many a wildlife in the Tucson area. It is not uncommon to see mule deer or Javelina down in the wash as you trek along the trail. You safely view the wildlife twenty feet up the side of the walled waterway outlining the Rillito so no worries about getting to close!

Brandi K. Fenton Park is home for many outdoor activities. The park is made up of basketball courts, walking paths, soccer fields, and play gyms for the kids. On the east side of the park is a spacious dog park that can be seen coming in from Dodge Blvd. This dog park is home to a tightknit community of dog-lovers and there is always a pup to play with. Also, on February 4th all day long there will be an agility dog show put on by Desert Dawg Sports. Go check it out!

Lastly, if you and your pet are worn out from a full day of exploring Tucson go to Barrio Brewing Company. This brewery is a great local business and is always welcoming to our pets. Go cool off with an ice-cold beer, some water for your pooch, and perhaps some of their tasty food. This place is home to the Barrio Blonde Ale! Go get it!