Tips for Pet Wellness from our Pima County Vet

October is National Pet Wellness Month, so our Pima County vet would like to take this opportunity to educate clients on the benefits of maintaining your pet's overall wellness. Pet health encompasses a variety of wellness, such as grooming, nutrition, exercise habits, and dental care. Our team has put together some helpful tips to help manage your pet's wellness so that they can live a happy and long life! Keep reading to learn more about how you can properly care for your pet's health & wellness.

Regular Wellness Visits

Wellness visits are so important for your pet's health! This regular visit to our Pima County vet helps to maintain your pet's overall health, and it allows our team to detect any abnormalities before they become serious. Regular visits to our office allow you to be proactive with your pet's health and it can reduce their risk of developing serious health issues in the future. Many serious health conditions have minor signs that appear in your pet's ears, eyes, nails, paws, or somewhere on the body. Having a professional take a look at your pet regularly can allow any abnormalities to be located and treated early on. This can help keep your pet healthy and it can reduce your overall cost of veterinary care in the long run. By staying up to date with wellness visits, you are reducing the risk of health emergencies later on in life, which means you won't need to potentially spend thousands of dollars on more serious veterinary treatments. Save your pet from future discomfort and help reduce your overall cost for veterinary care by bringing your pet in for a wellness visit at least once per year.

Pet Dental Care

Our pets need regular dental care just like we do! Oral health is directly connected to other health issues throughout the body. Dental disease is one of the most common health issues in both cats and dogs, and it can lead to other health issues later on in their life if it is not treated properly. We recommend brushing your pet's teeth whenever possible, daily would be perfect but even weekly can make a huge difference. Brush the outer surface of your pet's teeth with pet-safe toothpaste. This toothpaste is specifically made for pets and is typically flavored like foods they love, such as beef or chicken. Human toothpaste can cause vomiting in pets when ingested, so don't use normal toothpaste to clean their smile. You should also use a pet-specific toothbrush to effectively clean their smile. Dental cleanings are also important for your pet's smile, and we may recommend one if they have a lot of tartar buildup on their teeth. Every smile is unique, so talk to our Pima County vet to find out if your pet needs a dental cleaning.

Nutrition & Exercise

Pet obesity is a serious problem for many pets who may not have the best diet or get the most exercise. Try and get your pet outdoors at least once per day, and aim to get about 30-45 minutes of exercise depending on their age and health needs. Our Pima County vet can provide some guidance on how much exercise your pet should be getting. Obese pets may require aditional exercise, and puppies may need small bursts of exercise throughout the day to help release their energy. Exercise can not only help to manage your pet's weight, it can also help curb destructive behaviors. Make sure your pet has plenty of movement to help keep them healthy and mentally stimulated all day long. You should also talk to our team about your pet's nutrition. Every animal is different, so your pet's nutritional needs will be based on their age, breed, energy level, and health requirements. Our team can help you find the right balance of foods to help your pet thrive.

Maintain Grooming

Regular grooming not only helps your pet look great, but it actually helps keep them healthy too! Your pet needs regular nail trimming, ear cleanings, baths, haircuts, and more. Every animal is different, so your pet's unique grooming needs will be based on their fur type, breed, and age. Pets can easily get ear infections, which can be very uncomfortable for your pet. Clean the insides of their ears regularly to remove built-up wax and debris, and use this opportunity to check for ticks. Regular nail trimmings are also so important for dogs, because it helps maintain the length of the quick inside the nail. The quick is the nerves in your dog's nail, which can be incredibly painful if clipped. Avoid this pain for your pet by trimming their nails about every two week to prevent the quick from growing and keeping their nails at a comfortable length. Nails that grow too long can cause joint pain and discomfort, even disfiguration of their paws. Keep your pet comfortable by trimming their nails every couple of weeks.

Bond With Your Pet Daily

Mental health is such an important part of your pet's overall wellness! Spending time with your pet can help boost their mood and keep them happy. A happy pet is a healthy pet, so try and have some one-on-one time with your pet every day. Mental stimulation is so important to keep your pet energized, focused, and well-behaved. Boredom can lead to depression, lethargy, or destruction around your home. Every pet needs undivided attention, but especially young pets! Puppies and kittens can easily get bored and become destructive around the house. Try to find windows of time throughout the day to dedicate to playing with your pet. This will help them stay entertained, and it will prevent them from causing too much destruction out of boredom. Help your pet feel their best by making sure to give them special attention on a daily basis.

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