As Spring is under way and the evenings say darker longer, our pets are getting to spend more time outside. It is the best thing we can do for our pets, getting them out in nature, taking them to the dog park, socializing with other animals and people while getting a little fresh air. While you and your pet enjoy your time outside together, be sure to protect them against flea and ticks. These little pests can really cause a lot of irritation for your furry friend.

Here are a couple things you can do to keep your pet free of fleas and ticks:

  • Daily skin check
  • Keep grass and bushes cut back in the yard.
  • Administer flea and tick preventitives. Ask us about the brands we use!

Although not as common here as in the midwest, Heartworm can be deadly for your pet. Consider a chewable to protect your dog against this parasite. The costs and health consequences of Heartworm, are worth taking proactive measures and treating your pet.