August is National Immunization Month and If you have called or come into our clinic regarding a surgery appointment you know that we inevitably ask, “Is your animal up-to-date on all their shots, specifically their dhpp?” Distemper-Parvo (DHPP) is a virus that affects dogs regardless of region, age, breed, and environment. It is a terribly contagious virus that presents flu like symptoms in the animal. Lethargy, diarrhea, vomiting, high grade fever, and dehydration show up 24 to 48 hours after the animal becomes infected, though some cases have shown the viral incubation period can be a week or more. When an animal has begun to show symptoms a general course of action is to treat those symptoms and maintain until the virus has run its course. Treatment, at this point, is expensive and time consuming without a guarantee of survival. Untreated, the disease will almost certainly lead to the death of the animal. In order for our clinic to perform procedures and keep the animal for observation in our clinic the medical director’s protocol says the animal must have a primary vaccine shot, 4 weeks later a follow up booster, and finally a third booster four weeks after that. After boostering your animal, the vaccine is renewed yearly. Though our protocol may seem inconvenient we must be vigilant and careful with the disease. Veterinary clinics, like human hospitals, can become an inviting place for disease. This disease is highly contagious and can linger without proper cleaning and disinfection.

Rabies Vaccination

The county requires all dogs and cats to be registered with the county. One of their requirements is proof of rabies vaccination. You can get the rabies vaccine at Pet Doctor for minimal cost.

Bordetella (Kennel Cough) Vaccination

This vaccine is a requirement at boarding facilities across the country. The Bordetella vaccine treats against "kennel cough" which is comparable to a dog cold. Our Bordetella vaccine is administered orally so no needles for this one!

Our vaccine prices have been the same since we first opened the doors.

  • Distemper parvo: $12
  • Bordetella: $12
  • Rabies: $12
  • Lepto: $25
  • FCVR: $12
  • FELV: $12
  • Rattlesnake: $70