Parvo and your Dog

We've written before on the importance of immunization. Vaccinating your pet is the difference between having a sick pet and a healthy pet, especially when we talk about the Parvo virus.

Parvo is a deadly but all too common disease. The virus can effect unvaccinated puppies and dogs of all breeds and age. There is a treatment for the disease if your pet becomes infected but it is costly.

Heat, Fire Danger, and Your Pet’s Safety

July 15th was Pet Fire Safety Awareness Day and being this season has seen many fire incidence around the city and surrounding areas we wanted to give you a few tips to keep your pet safe from these kinds of accidents.

  • Don’t leave open flames, such as scented candles, if you are leaving the house.

Toxic House Plants?

Our veterinarians have been seeing quite a few cases where a pet has ingested toxic plant matter from around the house. There are over 700 different plants that produce physiologically active or toxic substances which are dangerous to cats and dogs if ingested.


There has been concern in the community about Leptospirosis, Pet Doctor has seen a couple cases already and we feel it merits more information be available about this disease. Firstly, the clinical symptoms can include lethargy (low energy), loss of appetite, red eyes, vomiting, diarrhea, increased urination.

What You Should Know About Your Pet’s Diet

In a holistic approach to your pet’s health, an important part of any plan includes diet and nutrition. So much happens in the gut which effects all kinds of bodily processes, it is important that we are providing our pets with the best nutrients available.

Take Caution of the Coming Heat

The summer months are fast approaching us here in Tucson, but even now we must take care to keep our pets, especially canines, heat intolerance in check. Our canine friends have a much harder time cooling down than their human counterparts. Their sweat glands don’t quite work the same and are a bit smaller than ours. This makes it hard to get rid of some of that heat trapped inside their body.

Spay and Neuter Enhances Your Pet’s Well Being

Pet Doctor was started as a low-cost and high quality alternative to traditional spay and neuter clinics. We have been successful because our clinic’s mission is in line with the community’s goal of a healthy pet population. Spay and neuter policies in the US have been associated with lower incidence of euthanasia in overcrowded shelters, the main goal of our society’s pet population control policy.

Kennel Cough

An all too common condition we see at the clinic is Kennel Cough, a respiratory disease caused by the bacteria Bordetella Bronchiseptica. Kennel cough is a highly contagious sickness that is spread through the inhalation of the Bordetella bacteria. Most commonly this happens when dogs greet each other by touching noses, often at the dog park in larger congregations of pets.

Activities with your dog

While most of the country is suffering from the winter blues, we are enjoying the mild weather and warm sunshine of the desert southwest. This is a perfect time of year to get out with your pet and explore some of the wonderful hiking paths and activities around the city. Getting outside with your pup not only keeps them healthy but also helps form a bond between the two of you.

Dogwood - A doggy boutique

Hello all! We have some exciting news just in time for the holidays! Pet Doctor has partnered with our rescue-group friends at Sanctuary Project to bring you Dogwood, a doggy boutique.

Vaccinate Don’t Procrastinate!

Hello everyone, it’s that time again!! In this post we wanted to get the message out about vaccinations. Just like with our health and social wellbeing, it is so important that our animals are responsibly immunized for their own benefit.

Valley Fever

Hello all!

Pet Doctor has been receiving a ton of questions about Valley Fever disease. As Arizona makes up 2/3rds of Valley Fever cases in the United States we want to take a moment and shed some light on this increasingly relevant topic. There is a real threat to our pet’s health when it comes to Valley Fever and we want you to be up-to-date on the disease.

Laser Therapy

Hello all,

We hope your summer has gone smoothly thus far! Here it is already the end of August and we are ready for another round of Pet Doctor Advice. This post will focus on the clinics experience after 6 months of using our newest piece of technology in the clinic, laser therapy.

Protecting Your Animal from Snakes

Hello all! Pet Doctor has added this blog to reach out to and educate our clients. Our Veterinarians want to make sure you have all the knowledge available to take the best care of your pets. Every few weeks we will update the blog on our website and social media. We hope you enjoy and learn from some of the information we are making available to you, our valued clients.