February is National Pet Dental Health Month

This February, we wanted to take some time to highlight the importance of caring for your pet's smile! February is National Pet Dental Health Month, so now would be a great time to evaluate your pet's dental health needs. Just like humans, cats and dogs need to maintain good oral health in order to live a healthy lifestyle. Oral health is directly connected to overall wellness, and it can be a sign of underlying health issues.

Understanding Your Dog's Dietary Needs

Understanding Your Dog's Dietary Needs Knowing what to feed your dog can be challenging because there are so many excellent options available for pet owners. Having a basic understanding of what your dog needs can help you determine which type of food would be the right choice for your furry friend. Our Pima County vet has some basic guidelines for choosing the ideal diet for your pet.

Holiday Pet Safety

With the holidays quickly approaching, now would be the right time to think about how you can keep your furry friend safe during all the festivities. If you'll be celebrating the holidays with your pets, make sure you are doing what you can to keep them protected from potential hazards. This is the season for celebrating, so be proactive with your pets' care and enjoy the holidays with some peace of mind.

November National Pet Diabetes Month

November is National Diabetes Month, so we wanted to take this opportunity to spread awareness about the health risks associated with pet diabetes. If left untreated, diabetes can be life-threatening in dogs and cats. Our Tucson vet has some tips to help identify and manage diabetes in pets. What is Diabetes? There are two types of diabetes mellitus, type I and type II. Type I diabetes prevents the body from producing enough insulin.

October is National Pet Wellness Month

Tips for Pet Wellness from our Pima County Vet October is National Pet Wellness Month, so our Pima County vet would like to take this opportunity to educate clients on the benefits of maintaining your pet's overall wellness. Pet health encompasses a variety of wellness, such as grooming, nutrition, exercise habits, and dental care.

September is Animal Pain Awareness Month

As pet owners, we are our pet's strongest advocates. That is why it is so important to understand our pet's communication and behavioral habits. By getting to know our pet's communication styles, we can better identify when our pet is in pain. September is Animal Pain Awareness Month, so we wanted to take this opportunity to educate our clients on signs of discomfort in pets.

Summer Plants that are Poisonous for Your Pet

Plants can help to elevate a space and bring some environment indoors, but be careful to keep poisonous plants out of the house. Some plants can be dangerous for pets, so keep a watchful eye on what you bring into your home. Our Pima County vet wants to let you know about some pets that you should keep out of reach of pets! Update your space safely using this helpful guide.

The Importance of Spaying and Neutering

Overpopulation of cats and dogs throughout the world contributes to worldwide pet homelessness and the endangerment of animal welfare. Spaying and neutering can also help keep your pet healthy throughout their lifetime and reduce their risk of developing serious health issues. The team here at Pet Doctor X recommends spay/neuter procedures to help keep your pet healthy and to manage the stray animal population throughout our own community.

Summer Safety Tips

Check out these summer safety tips from our vet in Pima County! Fun in the Sun All Summer Long! The summer is full of fun in the sun and adventuring outdoors! It is important to be aware of certain safety concerns that can affect your pet so that you can be prepared for any situation.

Dental Cleaning for Cats

The Importance of Cat Dental Health Dental disease in cats is very common, and it requires attention both at home and at their regular appointments. Your cat's teeth are necessary to help them stay healthy and comfortable, so it is important that you take their dental care seriously. Cats can suffer from tooth decay and gum disease just like humans, and it can seriously threaten their overall health.

Poison Prevention Month

March is Poison Prevention Month March is Poison Prevention Month, which means this is the perfect time to get to know a bit more about the health risks your pet faces every day. Our pets are constantly getting into things that they shouldn’t be, which can pose a serious risk for their health! If your cat or dog ingests something that is poisonous to them, it can have very serious consequences.

All About Your Dog’s Oral Health

A dog’s oral health is an essential component of their overall wellness. Your dog should have their teeth and gums examined every six months when they have their regular visit to the vet. Plaque that hardens on your dog’s teeth can turn into tartar, which can only be removed by your veterinarian. If left on the surface of your dog’s teeth, tartar can lead to dental decay and other issues that could seriously affect your dog’s health.

Halloween Safety Tips for Dogs

Halloween is a great time to have some spooky adventures with your pet! Whether you’ll be trick-or-treating, or if you will be home handing out candy from home, there are tons of ways to enjoy the season. However, there are also many risks involved during Halloween because of the increased activity and running around by neighbors and friends.

All About Spaying and Neutering Near Tucson

Spaying or neutering your pet is one of the most important decisions you can make regarding their health. Spaying or neutering are both routine procedures that have a very low risk of complications. It also has a significant impact on your pet’s health and overall quality of life. Not only does it benefit them in the long term, but it also is much better for the community.

Parvo Season Is Here

Tucson is in the midst of a very busy Parvo season.  We have seen more and more cases of puppies and unvaccinated dogs come in for the disease as the Spring season has arrived. Here are a few practical things you should do to keep your animals safe. Parvovirus is a major problem for our pet population because of how contagious it is.

Holiday Season and your Pet

The holidays can be a stressful time of the year, with keeping track of all the events in our lives. Having pets can potentially add to that stress. Here are a few things we've picked up along the way that can help keep your holidays from becoming holidon'ts! Pet's don't always make for the best Christmas gifts. Make sure the recipient wants and can take care of a pet.

Pet Doctor and our own Dr. Farrell were featured on KOLD News about opiod misuse by pet owners. Watch the clip and read the article by pressing on the link below. Veterinarians on Alert for Opioid Misuse by Pet Owners

Senior Pet Wellness

As our pets age new and different health concerns occur. The accepted age of seniority is around 7-9 years cats and dogs. It is this time when yearly health checks are a good way to keep up on any underlying issues that may come up and ensure a good quality of life. At Pet Doctor we offer advice and treatments that can keep your pet happy and healthy for a long time.

Pet Doctor's 1st Avenue location has really taken off! We are offering the total full-service walk-in experience that Pet Doctor has become known for. Here are our hours for both locations, if you have any other questions just give us a call. You can reach either clinic at (520) 829-5166 We are so happy to be able to offer this service to the community.

Rescue Group Highlight - Spay and Neuter Solutions

Spay and Neuter Solutions has been operating in the Tucson community for 15 years. In those fifteen years they accomplished the lofty goal of providing financial assistance for over 20,000 spay and neuter surgeries our pet population would have otherwise had to absorb. Spay and Neuter Solutions offers financial assistance for spays and neuters to anyone who qualifies. Check the Spay and Neuter Solutions website to see if you qualify for a $15.

August is National Immunization Month

August is National Immunization Month and If you have called or come into our clinic regarding a surgery appointment you know that we inevitably ask, “Is your animal up-to-date on all their shots, specifically their dhpp?” Distemper-Parvo (DHPP) is a virus that affects dogs regardless of region, age, breed, and environment. It is a terribly contagious virus that presents flu like symptoms in the animal.

Our New Spay and Neuter Clinic

It has been four years since we opened Pet Doctor’s doors to the Tucson community. We started with 1 veterinarian and 6 technicians. Before our 2016 expansion, we got to the point that our staff was crawling over the top of each other to keep up with our clients.

Flea and Tick Season Is Upon Us

As Spring is under way and the evenings say darker longer, our pets are getting to spend more time outside. It is the best thing we can do for our pets, getting them out in nature, taking them to the dog park, socializing with other animals and people while getting a little fresh air. While you and your pet enjoy your time outside together, be sure to protect them against flea and ticks.

We are so happy to have found out about the Saddlebrooke Ranch Dog Park.  It is a great asset to the people of Catalina.  If you are interested in joining the park follow this link to their website!   The dog park came to be after the developer was asked to provide an area where dogs could run free and off-leash.  The developer donated a piece of land below street level that was essentially a drainage ditch.

Pet Doctor’s Diagnostics Capabilities

Pet Doctor has recently invested in new set of diagnostic tools. That got us to thinking about why these tests are so important. Pets can't tell us how they are feeling, usually their behavior or how they look tells you something is wrong. Testing blood identifies specific threats in your animal’s system. And now Pet doctor has instant access to a wider array of tests.

Vet’s First Choice Pharmacy

Pet Doctor has partnered with Vet’s First Choice Pharmacy to provide our clients even more convenience. No longer will you have to call in a prescription and then take the time to come pick it up at Pet Doctor. You are now able to order and receive your pet’s prescriptions without having to leave the comfort of your own home.

Valley Fever Disease

Hello all! Pet Doctor has been receiving a ton of questions about Valley Fever disease. As Arizona makes up 2/3rds of Valley Fever cases in the United States we want to take a moment and shed some light on this increasingly relevant topic. There is a real threat to our pet’s health when it comes to Valley Fever and we want you to be up-to-date on the disease.

Understanding Your Pet’s Vaccine Schedule

Vaccinating your pet is the best way to protect them from illness. It can also be hard to remember when your pet needs to be scheduled for their vaccines. So, here is a little guide to some of the common vaccines that Pet Doctor has to offer. All of our vaccines are $12.00 unless specified. *Pima County requires your pet to be vaccinated for Rabies when you license them with the county. DH2PP Vaccine (Distemper Parvo) Primary.............

Parvo and your Dog

We've written before on the importance of immunization. Vaccinating your pet is the difference between having a sick pet and a healthy pet, especially when we talk about the Parvo virus. Parvo is a deadly but all too common disease. The virus can effect unvaccinated puppies and dogs of all breeds and age. There is a treatment for the disease if your pet becomes infected but it is costly.

Heat, Fire Danger, and Your Pet’s Safety

July 15th was Pet Fire Safety Awareness Day and being this season has seen many fire incidence around the city and surrounding areas we wanted to give you a few tips to keep your pet safe from these kinds of accidents. Don’t leave open flames, such as scented candles, if you are leaving the house.

Toxic House Plants?

Our veterinarians have been seeing quite a few cases where a pet has ingested toxic plant matter from around the house. There are over 700 different plants that produce physiologically active or toxic substances which are dangerous to cats and dogs if ingested. Azalea Some of the most common are the Azalea. These plants have a waxy leaf and can bloom multiple times during the year.


There has been concern in the community about Leptospirosis, Pet Doctor has seen a couple cases already and we feel it merits more information be available about this disease. Firstly, the clinical symptoms can include lethargy (low energy), loss of appetite, red eyes, vomiting, diarrhea, increased urination. In the most severe cases Leptospirosis can result in liver and kidney failure, leading to death.

What You Should Know About Your Pet’s Diet

In a holistic approach to your pet’s health, an important part of any plan includes diet and nutrition. So much happens in the gut which effects all kinds of bodily processes, it is important that we are providing our pets with the best nutrients available. Diet differs greatly between breeds so be sure to come in for a wellness check with one of our veterinarians.

Take Caution of the Coming Heat

The summer months are fast approaching us here in Tucson, but even now we must take care to keep our pets, especially canines, heat intolerance in check. Our canine friends have a much harder time cooling down than their human counterparts. Their sweat glands don’t quite work the same and are a bit smaller than ours. This makes it hard to get rid of some of that heat trapped inside their body.

Spay and Neuter Enhances Your Pet’s Well Being

Pet Doctor was started as a low-cost and high quality alternative to traditional spay and neuter clinics. We have been successful because our clinic’s mission is in line with the community’s goal of a healthy pet population. Spay and neuter policies in the US have been associated with lower incidence of euthanasia in overcrowded shelters, the main goal of our society’s pet population control policy.

Kennel Cough

An all too common condition we see at the clinic is Kennel Cough, a respiratory disease caused by the bacteria Bordetella Bronchiseptica. Kennel cough is a highly contagious sickness that is spread through the inhalation of the Bordetella bacteria. Most commonly this happens when dogs greet each other by touching noses, often at the dog park in larger congregations of pets.

Activities with your dog

While most of the country is suffering from the winter blues, we are enjoying the mild weather and warm sunshine of the desert southwest. This is a perfect time of year to get out with your pet and explore some of the wonderful hiking paths and activities around the city. Getting outside with your pup not only keeps them healthy but also helps form a bond between the two of you.

Vaccinate Don’t Procrastinate!

Hello everyone, it’s that time again!! In this post we wanted to get the message out about vaccinations. Just like with our health and social wellbeing, it is so important that our animals are responsibly immunized for their own benefit.

Valley Fever

Hello all! Pet Doctor has been receiving a ton of questions about Valley Fever disease. As Arizona makes up 2/3rds of Valley Fever cases in the United States we want to take a moment and shed some light on this increasingly relevant topic. There is a real threat to our pet’s health when it comes to Valley Fever and we want you to be up-to-date on the disease.

Laser Therapy

Hello all, We hope your summer has gone smoothly thus far! Here it is already the end of August and we are ready for another round of Pet Doctor Advice. This post will focus on the clinics experience after 6 months of using our newest piece of technology in the clinic, laser therapy. Our veterinarian office sees a lot of chronic illness and cases where the prescribed course of action just doesn’t seem to be getting the desired response.

Protecting Your Animal from Snakes

Hello all! Pet Doctor has added this blog to reach out to and educate our clients. Our Veterinarians want to make sure you have all the knowledge available to take the best care of your pets. Every few weeks we will update the blog on our website and social media. We hope you enjoy and learn from some of the information we are making available to you, our valued clients.