Pet Vaccinations

Sometimes it can seem taxing on your pup to go through a whole series of dhpp vaccinations but there is very good reason behind boostering. A puppy is highly susceptible to parvo and is unprotected unless vaccinated. This virus can be picked up anywhere other dogs have been.

DHPP Vaccination Protocol

*Protocol may vary plus/minus a couple of days. Consult with Veterinarian.

Dog Vaccinations - DHPP Protocol

Primary.............8-6 weeks old

2nd Round.......12 weeks old

3nd Round.......16 weeks old

4th Round / Annual.............20 weeks old

Other 20 Week Vaccines

Leptospirosis........Booster 3 weeks later / Yearly after that

Rabies..................Rabies Booster 1 year later / 3 years after that

Bordetella.............Boster every 1 year

Rattlesnake ($25.00)

Feline Vaccines

FELV / FIV.............Combo vaccine administered yearly


When you come in to see our Veterinarians for a vaccine-only visit there is no exam fee! Just one more reason to come see us!

Mandatory Vaccinations for Shelters and Boarding facilities:

 Mandatory Puppy Vaccinations


  • Bordetella

  • DHPP

  • Rabies



  • Rabies

County Regulations

Are you looking to license your animal with the county? Pima County has provided their animal vaccinations requirements in the following link for your convenience.

Pima County Vaccintaion Regulations

Pet Doctor Prices


  • Exam: $38
  • Re-check: $27
  • Microchip: $30
  • Parvo SNAP Test: $45
  • FELV/FIV SNAP Test: $46
  • Radiology: $105
  • Euthanasia: $100


  • Distemper parvo: $17
  • Bordetella: $17
  • Rabies: $17
  • Lepto/DHPP Combo: $28
  • FCVR: $17
  • FELV/Leuk: $28
  • Lepto: $17

Nail Trim

  • Under 20lb: $12
  • 21lb-49lb: $15
  • 50lb plus: $24

Spay and Neuter

  • Cat Spay: $64
  • Cat Neuter: $45
  • Dog Spay: $87 up to 60lb,
    $1.50 per lb over 60lb
  • Pregnancy fee $5 per week.
  • Dog Neuter: $87


  • By Consult Only

See our entire veterinary price list for each of our locations.

Surgery Protocol

Check In

Our surgery check-in time is between 7:00am-8:00am Mon-Fri.
If this is your first visit please bring prior vaccination records.

Post-Surgery Instructions

Post-Op Surgical Care

Post-Op After Care

Post-Op Bland Diet

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