Spay & Neuter

Pet Doctor Spay & Neuter continues the work of our full-service hospital with the Pet Doctor quality surgeries you’ve come to know, and still at low-cost. We fully believe that a healthy pet community is an important part of a healthy people community, and we are glad to do our part.

Pet Doctor does surgery

We believe that spays and neuters are a key to the well-being of our pet’s because they:

  • Leads to better behavior
  • Keep pet homelessness and overpopulation under control.

We believe people want what is best for their pets and that affordability and ease of access shouldn't be obstacles to care.

We are able to keep our prices low by keeping low overhead and easy logistics of planning and scheduling for only two different procedures.

Schedule your pet’s appointment with our representative now. 520-829-5166 option 3

Check-in is 7am-8am the day of your pet’s procedures.

Pet Doctor Spay and Neuter Clinic’s vaccine schedule requirements:

    • Please bring your pet's vaccine records if this is your first time with us. We require a dog to have a 3-shot vaccine series for dh2pp.
    • For puppies that would be at 8 weeks, 12 weeks, and 16 weeks.

Our walk-in Spay and Neuter vaccine clinic is from 8am-9am, M-F (hours expanding soon)

Pet Doctor Prices


  • Exam: $30
  • Re-check: $25
  • Microchip: $30
  • Parvo SNAP Test: $34
  • FELV/FIV SNAP Test: $36
  • Radiology: $90
  • Euthanasia: $100


  • Distemper parvo: $12
  • Bordetella: $12
  • Rabies: $12
  • Lepto: $12
  • FCVR: $12
  • FELV: $20
  • Rattlesnake: $25

Nail Trim

  • Under 20lb: $12
  • 21lb-49lb: $15
  • 50lb plus: $24

Spay and Neuter

  • Cat Spay: $59
  • Cat Neuter: $32
  • Dog Spay: $77 up to 60lb,
    $1.50 per lb over 60lb
  • Dog Neuter: $77
    *No Heat or Pregnancy fee.


  • By Consult Only

See our entire veterinary price list for each of our locations.

Surgery Protocol

Check In

Our surgery check-in time is between 7:00am-8:00am Mon-Fri.
If this is your first visit please bring prior vaccination records.

Post-Surgery Instructions

Post-Op Surgical Care

Post-Op After Care

Post-Op Bland Diet

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