At Pet Doctor we provide the latest pharmaceutical options for your pet. We also have name brand flea and tick prescriptions, heartworm medications, and topical shampoos for skin conditions.

Pharmacy and Prescription Food

Our online pharmacy not only can fill prescriptions but is also a place clients can go to for pet food and supplies. There are 10,000 items to choose from. Free Shipping if over $49.00 or if it is a prescription there is free shipping for auto ship. Prices are competitive and all products are veterinarian approved. Compounding medication is also available.

Online Pharmacy

Pet Doctor Prices


  • Exam: $35
  • Re-check: $25
  • Microchip: $30
  • Parvo SNAP Test: $45
  • FELV/FIV SNAP Test: $46
  • Radiology: $95
  • Euthanasia: $100


  • Distemper parvo: $15
  • Bordetella: $15
  • Rabies: $15
  • Lepto/DHPP: $28
  • FCVR/Leuk: $28

Spay and Neuter

  • Cat Spay: $64
  • Cat Neuter: $37
  • Dog Spay: $87 up to 60lb,
    $1.50 per lb over 60lb
  • Dog Neuter: $87
    *Pregnancy fee $5.


  • By Consult Only

See our entire veterinary price list for each of our locations.

Surgery Protocol

Check In

Our surgery check-in time is between 7:00am-8:00am Mon-Fri.
If this is your first visit please bring prior vaccination records.

Post-Surgery Instructions

Post-Op Surgical Care

Post-Op After Care

Post-Op Bland Diet

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