Tucson is in the midst of a very busy Parvo season.  We have seen more and more cases of puppies and unvaccinated dogs come in for the disease as the Spring season has arrived. Here are a few practical things you should do to keep your animals safe.

  • Parvovirus is a major problem for our pet population because of how contagious it is. It is heat and cold resistant, it can withstand drying out, and it can survive for long periods of time without a host. 
  • Essentially the virus eats away at the animals gastrointestinal system, letting bile saturate the rest of the animals body. Horrible vomiting and diarrhea until the pet can no longer fight the virus and dehydration. 
  • Pet Doctor will not keep any Parvo infected animals overnight for care.  The risk of exposure to other animals is too great and we have found that at-home-care generally aids the recovery process better than being in unfamiliar settings.
  • Once the animal has contracted the virus, the only thing that can be done is treat the symptoms as they appear while letting the virus run its course. There is no cure once your animal has Parvo, and they can contract the disease multiple times.
  • There is only one way to prevent Parvo. Vaccinations.  For $12 per year you can ensure your pet doesn't suffer the devastating symptoms of Parvo.

We have seen time and time again, the ravages of this disease. We cannot stress enough how important pet vaccines are to keeping Parvo in check. Come in and we will make sure your pet is protected.