Hello all,

We hope your summer has gone smoothly thus far! Here it is already the end of August and we are ready for another round of Pet Doctor Advice. This post will focus on the clinics experience after 6 months of using our newest piece of technology in the clinic, laser therapy.

Our veterinarian office sees a lot of chronic illness and cases where the prescribed course of action just doesn’t seem to be getting the desired response. Whether it is from arthritis or an irritating skin condition, the physical toll on your pet and economic cost to you can be taxing. There is a real need for an economical therapy that does not induce stress on our pets. We believe laser therapy fits in with our way of doing medicine as it can be incorporated into most any wellness plan for an animal. The same therapy has been in use for two decades in professional sports and has proven effective in reducing pain and swelling in athletes, who are performing at extremely high levels of activity. We have found that the therapy has proven especially useful in post-operative pain management. The incision is less likely to swell and takes less time to heal with virtually no side effects.

Laser therapy works by stimulating the natural functions of the body by converting oxygen to cellular activity. Essentially the increase in circulation helps to rid the body of a buildup of lactic acid and cellular waste, which is the culprit behind painful swelling. There is a huge amount of documented research showing that heat and light stimulation in the reduction of pain and swelling enhances recovery. When used in combination with more conventional modes of therapy we have found an overall positive effect on patient health.

Besides post-op pain management the most common injury we user laser therapy for is back injuries particularly disc disease in small dogs such as dachshunds. We have had some marvelous responses to laser therapy in ailing patients that have not responded to previous treatment methods. Dr. Nelson, our medical director, has noted that the animals come in barely able to walk and after one treatment the pain subsists and after a few more treatments they are completely back to normal.

We have had so much positive feedback from clients who have opted for this treatment for their pets. It has been especially rewarding to see those who have come in time and time again with no apparent effects from traditional pharmaceutical therapy, to suddenly see an improvement in their furry friend. Pet Doctor has once again enhanced the level of medicine we are able to provide at such affordable costs. We want to make sure you and your pet are getting taken care of and this treatment helps us do just that. It is economical, painless, and virtually free of side effects. If you want to see a little more about our laser therapy systems go to the Laser Therapy page of our website.